by Dan Wright
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Namaste Sati Haru.

My name is Dan Wright and I have lived and worked in and out of Nepal for the last 23 years.

I am originally from the UK and compared to Nepal they are really suffering through this COVID-19 crisis.

In Britain to date, there are 207,000 confirmed cases and 31,000 deaths and only 900 people who have recovered.

Being young or eating a spicy diet or coming from a certain place doesn’t make you immune, these deaths are across the board of genders, ages, and races. Higher risk categories are people over the age of 70 or with underlying medical problems.

In Nepal, we have been extremely fortunate so far with just over 100 confirmed cases and no deaths, but if the rest of the World is a guideline then this could change very rapidly with catastrophic consequences. The biggest concern in the UK is if too many people are confirmed and need hospitalization at the same time then the health service will be overwhelmed. We have all seen pictures on the news of this happening in Spain and Italy and the UK. Not enough hospital beds, not enough ventilators, and hospital workers on the frontline not having enough protection to stop them from catching the virus.

These Hospital workers and everyone involved in essential services are the TRUE HEROES of this generation. They are leaving their families and going to work every day with the real risk of catching the virus and becoming a casualty themselves.

There is very little that can be done to combat the Virus until a vaccination is produced. BUT there is one thing that we can all do that will help to slow down the rate of infection and save lives…

…STAY AT HOME. Do not go out unless it is for an emergency or to buy groceries. There is no reason to go into the street to meet friends or to sit and drink coffee together and if you do have to meet someone then ensure social distancing precautions are taken and wear face masks and sit 2 meters apart from each other.  Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer and if you bring groceries home then wash them in a solution of bleach and water to disinfect them before putting them away in the Kitchen.

Do not think that this is something only affecting OTHER countries. This is affecting us in Nepal too and as the Government increases the numbers of tests we will find that our numbers of confirmed cases rises dramatically. We have been lucky not to have a wave of deaths in Nepal yet but that could change and the only way to slow it down is to STAY AT HOME. Limit your contact with other people, social distance when you do have to see someone, work from home, and keep our health workers and essential service providers safe.

We all owe a big debt of gratitude to the frontline workers in this Pandemic. Without them, we wouldn’t have food on our tables or garbage taken away or health care or access to money and all the other services that are essential to keep a Country going. Please continue to show your support and thanks by staying safe and STAYING AT HOME.

Thank you and our thoughts are with you all.

“Dan is a Resident of Nepal on a Work visa. He is married to a Nepal National Athlete and works in the field of Project Management.”

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