Chinese Language growing popular in Nepal

Globally,the demand of learning Chinese language has rise significantly in recent years.  The need is outcome of phenomenal increment of Chinese tourist around the world. Just a decade ago, Chinese tourism was limited internally but the growing Chinese economy and  influence of Chinese trends in global arena has boost the travel trend among Chinese both internally and externally.

With more number of Chinese reaching to global destinations, need of knowing Chinese has grown strong.   The need is felt strong in South Asia where comparatively more  Chinese people have chosen to travel. Nepal, being one of the border-tied nation to China,  it has become one of the top beneficiaries of increased Chinese visitors.

The number has grown significantly in the past years , Just 10 years ago  Chinese were insignificant contributor as tourist, and now, China is the second largest tourist source country to Nepal.  One can see Chinese restaurants and stores with welcoming note on Mandarin symbols and dragons.

This increased rate of Chinese tourist has also demanded more number of  Chinese communicator in Kathmandu, and other popular tourist destination cities in Nepal. More number of  tour guides and operators with fluency in Mandarin are needed to meet the growing rate of Chinese tourists. Currently, the proportion of Chinese language communicator is inadequate, yet the need is being managed by existing travel operators in Kathmandu. Not just  tour guides, the need  is felt by holistic tourism industry.

From shop vendors in tourist concerned areas to star hotels, the service has required a team of  Mandarin experts to deal with  the  Chinese mother tongues. Understanding the growing need of Chinese language experts,   Chinese language institutes have mushroomed in Kathmandu. The institutes are expanding, and so is the number of interested learners. Majority of language institutes comprises of many interested students from hospitality sectors, who have felt the need of fluency  in Mandarin to excel in their profession.

Learners are also the regular handicrafts shop owners and restaurants managers who felt  Mandarin will help them boost their business. Stats shows that there are some 50 plus language institute operating in Kathmandu alone. In the national language center run under Tribhuwan University Mandarin  has replaced Japanese language by being the recent most popular foreign language.

The institution has some 300 plus students enrolled, some for personal interest and some for professional needs. Another top language center for Chinese is Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University.  The institute is hub for Chinese language and culture center in Nepal. Chinese economy has influenced the Chinese lifestyle hence encouraging more Chinese to travel and explore their neighboring land. This trend has however enhanced the outreach of Chinese culture and language to outer world other beyond the vast Chinese territory.



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