Nepali Taste – New Food Wave

by Bijay
Nepali Taste – New Food Wave

New trends in food popularity in the US shows that “fast foodication” of South Asian food could be the next big wave. At the forefront of this introduction of South Asian taste is Chef Owner of Yeti Restaurant Narayan Somname. His very popular Yeti Restaurant has been reviewed by Michelin for its tasty blend of Nepali/Himalayan/Indian/Pakistani cuisine – Chef Narayan brings out a unique flavor further refined during his restaurant years in Japan. Chef Narayan owned and operated a Nepali Restaurant in Japan also.

Chef Narayan Sonoma Nepali Cusine with his team

With a 4.5 stars in Yelp, there are excellent reviews from diners who have been not only impressed by the food but also the ambiance.

Here is an excerpt from one of the reviews –

From Mishee D:
“The place was packed and delicious scent wafted in the air. The decor was charming – authentic and romantic. The servers are friendly and welcoming. Hubby and I were seated at the corner table – having the perfect vantage point to view the kitchen and the restaurant. We ordered the veggie momos, plain naan, Palau rice, and tandoori mixed sampler. When the momos came, I was giddy as a child.”

From Megan C.
“The food and service was lovely but even more important to me is atmosphere. The restaurant is cozy with some pretty window seats and even cozier nooks perfect for a group of friends. (They also have a patio) Really pleased and look forward to our return.”

Yeti Restaurant 4.5 stars in Yelp

Read more on Yelp:

Here is a review from the Michelin Guide.

SF Michelin Guide 2013 Yeti Restaurant Sonoma

In addition the restaurant has been commended by many food writers in various magazines.

Very well written piece by Deirdre Bourdet –

Yeti Restaurant Mentioned in the comment section –
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Getting to Yeti Restaurant :

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