Changi Airport Voucher – Free Money

by Kriti
Changi Airport Voucher – Free Money

Traveling through Changi Airport in Singapore? Collect your Singapore $40 airport voucher from Singapore Airlines!!! The Changi Dollar Voucher (CDV) consists of two $20 bills which can be claimed once for each ticket.

If you have a transit at Changi Airport in Singapore and are traveling via Singapore Airlines, you might qualify for a $40 free voucher.  The voucher can be used to purchase any item in any shop at the airport in Singapore. This includes accommodation at the transit lounge hotel.

Changi- 20 Dollar

Eligibility for the voucher:

1.       The complete trip has to be through Singapore airlines or its domestic subsidiary – Silk Air.

2.       Only one time $40 voucher is provided during the entire trip. This means that you will not get a second voucher if you have already claimed it during your “to” trip.

3.       If you have a child for which you have paid an air-fare, the child is also eligible for the voucher.

4.       While spending the voucher at the airport, you will not get a monetary equivalent for the unspent amount.  The vouchers come in two twenty dollar bills.  If a purchase is less than $20 you will not get a change back.

5.       If your transit time is longer than 24 hours, you are not eligible for the airport voucher.

6.       Your voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.

7.       The voucher is transferable.