Bungee Jumping – Nepal

by Kriti
Bungee Jumping – Nepal

To the entire adventure lover, bungee jumping is undoubtedly one big desire and ultimate source of thrill. Bhotekoshi bungee jumping site in Nepal is perhaps the one best for this thrilling adventure. The 160m (500ft) jump from the Bhotekoshi Bridge near border of Nepal-China has been a first prioritize adventure sport by adventure seeker who comes to Nepal.  This freefall is world’s longest freefall. Not only foreigners but many Nepalese have also enjoyed the sport. The number of internal tourist taking the jump has increased immensely in past few years along with the increasing graph of tourist.

The Last resort is only one agency that conducts the bunjee jump. The name has earned a worldwide reputation for their incredible service and safety means. The Last resort lies in the Bhotekoshi bungee jump site which offers the ultimate sport of jumping. The resort conducts cannoning, swinging and other adventure sports as well. As the name suggest the last resort also provides quality accommodation and feeding services for the visitors.

The Bungee jumping site is located near northern border of Nepal and China. It takes 3 hours drive from Kathmandu in Araniko highway  to reach there The bridge from which the freefall is conducted is a 166m wide steel suspension bridge with 4.5 tones of loading capacity.  Made up with over 6000 m of steel, it lies above 160 m from the white bhote koshi river gorge.   It is longest suspension bridge in Nepal. Being Swiss designed and operated by international experts the bridge has a 4x safety factor. Needless to say the safety measure is of international standard.  The Bungee guides and trainer are well certified and trained personnel who help the jumper with basic techniques of jumping and safety measures.

To enjoy the trip one can book the trip in Last resort. The resort organize package trip as per desire. They operates booking office in Kathmandu. Online booking is also available.

Trip  Itinerary:

  • Arrival to Kathmandu.
  • Drive from Kathmandu to Bhotekhoshi bungee jumping site.
  • Overnight stay in Last resort or return back to Kathmandu.

If you are interested in further adventure and joyous trip, you can go also enjoy canyoning, or bhote koshi river rafting. All these adventure sports are conducted by Last Resort. So you can extend your trip once you are there or directly book it from Kathmandu office.

Trip Cost:

A onetime bungee jump cost US $ 100 each person. The trip package includes bungee fee, travel and accommodation and food. In total it can cost up to$ 200-300 per head.