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The technology has taken a modern and advanced form in today’s world. In almost every field, modern technologies are used. In this world, education is the most required factor for each and every individual. Without education, nobody can get progress. Thus, education is a very important source. Generally, education is generated and shared through the teaching-learning process. If we compare all the occupations, we can find that education is required in every field which can be obtained from the teaching-learning process. So, this is the most important phase of an individual’s life. Teaching should not be stopped as it results in illiteracy of society. Today, the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced the whole globe to close everything. More than 200 countries are in the case of lockdown. In this situation, education is also stopped which shouldn’t be. If we utilize the modern and advanced technologies in the proper way, we can solve this problem. Education can also be offered online. You don’t need to go anywhere, you can do everything from your home. This will make the teaching-learning process more efficient in today’s situation. Some of the online teaching tools are mentioned below :- 


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Zoom is a very wonderful platform. It works on application along with websites which can be used on both mobile devices and computers. Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communication. It is an easy and reliable platform for video conferencing. It is based on American communications technology. It includes chats box, white board with screen sharing option. It manages different online meetings that are very beneficial for offices and other companies or organizations. The advantage of this application or software can be taken in today’s situation of COVID-19 lockdown. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-

Google Classroom

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Google classroom is a free web service developed by google. It was developed for schools and students of other institutes. The primary purpose of google classroom is to streamline the process of sharing knowledge between teacher and student online. It is a non-profit platform built for helping students and teachers in their teaching-learning process. It makes the education system more simple and easier. About 30 million of teachers and students use google classrooms. Assignments can be created using google classroom which can be distributed using the google drive. Teachers can monitor the activity of each student using google classroom. Therefore, this application is very advantageous as it has lots of benefits. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-


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Edmodo is an educational tool that connects students and teachers. It is a coaching platform which offers communication and collaboration. It’s one of the easy ways to get connected to students online. This software merges classroom content safely. The Edmodo network enables teachers to share assignments and communicate with their students. Only the invited member can join the classroom. This application is very beneficial for teachers as it helps in course completion by giving extra time to study online from home. It is also advantageous in today’s lock down situation. This is one of the best examples of proper utilization of the internet and technology. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-

Class Dojo

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Class Dojo is an educational technology communication application and website. This software was developed by the United States in 2011 AD. It connects school teachers with students. This application has been used in more than 180 countries. Classdojo’s main vision is to give better education to every child across the world. Different information related to education can be transferred in the form of texts, photos, audios and videos. It also enables teachers to note feedback on their  students’ skills. The information related to a student’s study can also be shared with the parents. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-


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Socrative is also a teaching based application. This application was launched in 2011 AD. It is an incredible tool for communicating with students addressing their activities and process. This application promotes the teaching-learning process online. Teachers can assign tasks, manage progress and discuss feedback with the student from this application. Teachers can also communicate with the parents / guardians with the help of this application. Once the student enters a Socrative application, they can easily join the teacher’s classroom with a unique code. This application makes students smarter by providing them better skill, knowledge and information related to education. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-

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