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by Piyush Mishra
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There are many poor countries in the world. Lots of countries are facing problems related to unemployment and poverty. But this is not going to run for a long time. Today is the world of modern and advanced technologies. You should not worry about your job. Nowadays, you can get online jobs in almost all fields. Millions of people work online and they are also paid for their work. If you are struggling to work, not getting any job, don’t have an idea how to earn then please read this article completely. Here, we are going to help in earning money online. You do not need to do any kind of investment, everything is free. Some of the sites which will help you earn money online from home are presented below :- 

YouTube Channel

Best 5 earning sites - Youtube
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YouTube is the best way of making money. You can earn from youtube online. You don’t need to go anywhere, you can just work from your home. YouTube is the site of videos. You need to make videos related to interesting topics and post it to YouTube. You can also use video editors to design your videos. There are hundreds of video editors available in the Play Store for free. You need to keep in mind that your video should be of that kind which will attract the public. There are some conditions required for earning from a YouTube channel. For earning from a YouTube channel, your views must be more than 1k, you need to have 1k subscribers and 400 hour watchtime is required. After you complete all this, slowly and slowly you will be able to earn more money from YouTube. You can also get help from other Youtubers in this case. 


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Blogging is the skill in typing of articles or generating notes which is published on your website or any platform. In simple words, we can say that “blogging” or “blog” is an online diary or journal located on any platform where we can store and share our information and data. It is just like writing books online. Blogging is very beneficial for you as it makes your name famous across the globe. You should be able to write articles or notes on the topic which the public wants to know. You must increase your keywords in the post, keywords will be plus when a particular word is repeated many times in your post. You can earn money from blog by the ranking of searches. Ads helps you earn money. You can use Google Adsense or any other companies for showing Ads in your posts. You will earn money from the Ads according to its number of views. For more help in this topic, you can also search in google.


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Facebook is a trusted application and software. In today’s world, nearly everyone uses Facebook. People use facebook to upload photos & videos, contact friends & families, share information & knowledge, etc. But people don’t know that we can even earn with Facebook. There are several ways of earning through Facebook. You can create a facebook page and try to add a number of followers to it. After your facebook page is running well, you can even sell it according to its quality. Another way is that you must try to increase likes on your posts. You can also sell likes on Facebook for a certain amount. You can do online trading and business on facebook for free. There are many more other tricks which will let you earn on Facebook. 


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Freelancer is one of the best sites for the one who is unemployed. This is a trusted site which helps you get payments based on your work online. Thousands of people have been earning using Freelancer and generating their family income. Freelancer is the place where people hire and search for jobs. There are more than 100 options for finding a job in Freelancer. You can choose any kind of job related to your skill. You will receive the payment in your Paypal account or Bank account. You just need to work properly and finish it in time.

Android Apps

Android apps are the most common term used in today’s world. Almost everybody across the world uses android applications. All the applications that we run on our android phone are android applications. These applications have earned large amounts of money. PUBG, Clash Of Clans, Free Fire etc. are the examples of highly paid android apps. We can get access to millions of android apps from Google Play Store. This is the platform where we can earn. Google play helps developers to earn money from android apps. For this, you need to build your own android applications from any free source. You can also invest if you want. Your application should be useful and interesting for users to download it. You can also keep Ads in your applications which will give you extra money. It’s very simple and easy.

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