American Student – Anna Stirr Sings Nepali Dohori songs

by Kriti
American Student – Anna Stirr Sings Nepali Dohori songs

Anna Stirr Sings Nepali Dohori songs

She is not a professional singer but knows details about music. She is American but love Nepal and its culture as much as her soil. Dr. Anna Stirr sings Nepali dohori sings like native Nepali villagers do. She can communicate in Nepali language with fluency. An assistant Professor of South Asian Studies in University of Hawaii-Manoa, Anna has great interest in Nepali Dohori songs. Dohori a question-answer song which is sing by men and women in most Nepali ethnic groups.This type of singing is very difficult as singer has to instantly develop lyrics that fits with the rhyme and sing.

Anna has been exploring Asian arts, music and culture throughout  her student life. Her research has specific focuses on South Asia. She is currently doing her Ph.D in Nepali folk songs, Dohori songs.She is involved in two specific projects, Nepali Dohori songs that she relates with culturally intimate, gender expressions, Belonging and heritage.The next project is the history of Nepal’s politically oppositional progressive song from the 1960s to the present. In total her research tries study relationship between music, religion, politics and public culture in South Asia and the Himalayas.

Apart from her professional and academic career, Anna loves to sing Nepali dohori songs. She is seen in many Nepali cultural programs in United States where she sings Dohori songs with known Nepali singers. She has sudeis Hindustani classical Bansuri, a kind of flute with Steve Gron and Jeevan Ale. She has learnt the bansuri folk style from her numerous interaction with locals and professional during her field work in Nepal.She has also studied Hindhustani classical tradition with Prabhu Raj Dhakal in Nepal and Ustad Mehboob Nadeem in London. But Anna says her formal instruction in Nepali folk music has been Khadga Bahadur Magar on the madal drum.

Anna is currently trying to introduce students to  Asian performing Arts, Asian cultures and history.

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