• 1974 AD US tour 2016

    Nepali popular band 1974 AD is visiting San Francisco Bay Area as they embark on their 2016 US tour. They were at Monose's house today in Santa Cruz just

  • UdemyLogo

    Nepal lies in between China and India.  The cultural and language over lap with India is quiet major and some with China.  It is important and quiet adv

  • animals in the himalayas

    Tibetans and the the Tibetan Mastiff are known to have a special mutant DNA called the EPAS1 which allows them to process oxygen at a high altitude.  Most

  • Hillary Clinton Visit to Nepal

    As the US election heats up and Hillary Clinton takes the lead in major polls, we want to reflect on her visit to Nepal when she was the first lady.  This was

  • Yoga In Nepal

    What is the science behind meditation. Here are Science proving the benefits of Meditation. See

  • Chef Narayan Sonoma

    New trends in food popularity in the US shows that "fast foodication" of South Asian food could be the next big wave. At the forefront of this introduction of

  • Nepal HomePage Banner

    According to Google Analytics, 85,555 people from 165 countries visited NepalhomePage with-in a period of less than 4 months - from January 1st to May 14 of

  • Yak Trail

    Nepali Recipes Nepali Favorites Daal Bhat (Rice and Lentil) Momo Pulau Vegetarian Aloo Wala - Aloo Sandheko Beans and Bamboo

  • Matthieu Ricard

    More than forty years ago, a Frence Scientist with a PHD in Bio Chemistry went to Nepal and became a Buddhist monk.  Even now many people around the world

  • Flag of Nepal

    NATIONAL FLAG - NEPAL (A) Method of Making the Shape inside the Border (1) On the lower portion of a crimson cloth draw a line AB of the r

  • Adventure Activities Nepal

    Yes, she is climbing down a water fall!!  Ready for adventure ?  Rising from sea-level to 29,000 feet - Nepal has one of the most diverse a

  • sirubari-village-trek

    The Nepal tourism board budgeted US $ 375,000 to train people for quality home-stay arrangements in rural areas of Nepal.  A unique and personal way to e

  • Bungee Jumping

    To the entire adventure lover, bungee jumping is undoubtedly one big desire and ultimate source of thrill. Bhotekoshi bungee jumping site in Nepal is perhaps

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